About Me

I am 51 years old and have served on Durham County Council, North East England,  for the last two years, and previous to that as Ward Councillor for Benfieldside on Derwentside District Council for five years.

I originally decided to stand as a Councillor because I wanted to ‘make a difference’, which I know is a cliche often used by politicians, but a genuine desire to improve my area, and make it a safe and clean area for its residents and improve their quality of life is what drives me.

I am a Benfieldside lad and, besides a break to go to university, have lived in the Division all of my life.  My family have lived in Shotley Bridge and Blackhill since the mid 17oo’s, since my ancestor came here from Cornwall.

I have recently qualified as a teacher, and have also achieved an MA in Applied Sociology with Criminology and a BA in Social Studies.

As you can see, there are a variety of links at the top of the page detailing issues that I am involved/interested in, I urge you to have a look at them.

  1. linda randall says:

    Hi I noticed that people come directly to the about me page when we click on your site. Id like to suggest that you add what country your in? LOL

    i have no idea where Durham County is? I don’t know if you want to do that or not but it was just a suggestion 🙂

    Also people will come back more if you open up to the blogging part on an interesting topic?

    The only reason I’d suggest that is people with a 17 ” monitor, blog catalog seems to open towards the middle of the page, and you don’t see the list that’s along the top. At first I thought it was just an about me page, then I happened to notice that.

    I find when people start reading whats on the blog they stay longer (we have to be on your site for 5 minutes to be counted as a visit (silly but true) ) , You have great blog stats already, but I’m assuming this will raise the stakes.

    Love the useful links there, good info 🙂

    • duncanbarnett says:

      Thanks for the comment Linda.

      People are now informed that I am from England, and that there are other stories on the site. 😉

      (any ideas how I can get the site to appear when Duncan Barnett is the search term on Google? Or is it just a question of patience? )

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